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videogame_tales's Journal

Video Game Tales
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If you've ever played games, you can probably recall fond memories of playing your favourite ones. Perhaps playing for many days to beat a high score, or to get past a difficult boss. Maybe you remember saving up your money to buy an upcoming game. Or maybe something you did in a game got you featured in a magazine. Maybe whatever you did has no real significance, but is still something you vividly remember.

Whatever your experiance, this is a place to post about it. Any unique experiances you've had with video games over the years can be shared here.

Bad way to postGood way to post
Hey, remember that one game? The game was so awesome. I played it a lot; I really liked how they did the graphice, and all the innovative weapons.Hey, remember that one game? When I got it, I thought it was so awesome that I couldn't stop playing. One time I played it so long that I fell asleep in mid game!
Don't you think this upcoming game/console is going to be the best thing ever? I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes out. Did you know they're doing this new feature for it? I'm so eager to try it out.Don't you think this upcoming game/console is going to be the best thing ever? I remember playing the older version. That new feature wasn't in it, so there was this amazing glitch you could do. When I found out the glitch, I invited all my friends over to show them; they all thought it was so cool.

I'll add more examples as I think of them. But as a general rule, you'll want to focus on the story, and what happened to you while playing video games, but don't focus on the video game itself. Of course, if the story is soley contained in the video game, then that's alright. And, if you need to describe parts of the video game to enhance your story, then that's okay, too. But assume the reader knows enough about the video game that you don't have to explain all the mechanics of the game.

You can feel free to post whatever you'd like in the comments, though. And I'm also not going to be upset if you post something that doesn't follow the guidlines above. The guidlines are there because I have a vision for how I'd like this place to turn out, but if it turns out differently, then that's okay, too!

So, let's all share our stories!