January 25th, 2015

Pikachu: Glitch
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The Dagger of Amon Ra: Part 10: Giving the Countess a break

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Oh, hey, more Dagger stuff. This episode is actually 99% backtracking and covering the exact same content as the last one, only done much more carefully. In fact, cutting out the things we've seen already and only including the new stuff which I had overlooked before, I think this update is actually longer than the last one. That's what I get for wanting to update in a hurry, I suppose.

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Nightmare fuel
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The Dagger of Amon Ra: Index

I decided to give all of the Dagger of Amon Ra updates actual episode titles and a handy index page! Feel free to navigate to whichever entries you choose from here.


Part 1: Murder and mugging! Oh, New York. :)
Part 2: Offensive stereotypes
Part 3: 45 seconds
Part 4: The night that never ends (Part 1)
Part 4: The night that never ends (Part 2)
Part 5: Gore and glitches
Part 6: Museum burglaries
Part 7: Beaks beaks beaks beaks beaks
Part 8: SCREAM!
Part 9: In which the game broke
Part 10: Giving the Countess a break
Part 11: Again and again (Act 3 finale)
Post-act 3/Pre-act 4 recap and speculation
Part 12: If you fail to read this update, the game becomes unwinnable.
Part 13: Snake? Snake?? SNAAAAAKE!!
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 1)
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 2)
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 3)
Part 15: Storytime
Part 16: Questions, Answers, and Conclusions
Closing Thoughts

NOTE: This play-through was written and completed when the game was essentially abandonware. It includes several references to that (specifically to the apparently broken copy protection.) This game has since become available on GOG, but I assure you that 1) this was written before that happened, and 2) I immediately went back and purchased the game once it was out. I do not condone software piracy except in abandonware cases where there is no legitimate way to acquire it, but now there is, so I did. Please support the official release.