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The Dagger of Amon Ra: Index [Jan. 25th, 2015|12:43 am]
Video Game Tales


I decided to give all of the Dagger of Amon Ra updates actual episode titles and a handy index page! Feel free to navigate to whichever entries you choose from here.


Part 1: Murder and mugging! Oh, New York. :)
Part 2: Offensive stereotypes
Part 3: 45 seconds
Part 4: The night that never ends (Part 1)
Part 4: The night that never ends (Part 2)
Part 5: Gore and glitches
Part 6: Museum burglaries
Part 7: Beaks beaks beaks beaks beaks
Part 8: SCREAM!
Part 9: In which the game broke
Part 10: Giving the Countess a break
Part 11: Again and again (Act 3 finale)
Post-act 3/Pre-act 4 recap and speculation
Part 12: If you fail to read this update, the game becomes unwinnable.
Part 13: Snake? Snake?? SNAAAAAKE!!
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 1)
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 2)
Part 14: Hurry up! (Part 3)
Part 15: Storytime
Part 16: Questions, Answers, and Conclusions
Closing Thoughts